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Heart Gallery Photographers

Photographers from throughout New Mexico have generously donated their time and talents to bringing the personalities of these beautiful children to life through pictures. We thank them for this gracious gift! If you are an artist/photographer and would like more information about how you could help the Heart Gallery of New Mexico, please contact Desiree Turner at

Jen Alexander
Dan Barsotti
Jane Bernard [web]
Katelyn Bird [web]
Kathleen Bishop
Kayla and Josh Blundell
Tony Bonanno [web]
Audrey Boone, Wandering Hawk Photography [web]
Debbie Fleming Caffery [web]
Reid Callanan
Stacey Clark [web]
Ursula Coyote [web]
Jennifer Esperanza (special contributions) [web]
Robin Froman
Miguel Gandert
Kristen Gandy
Susan Garcia
Stacy Gleaton
Paul Glickman
Candace Gould
Carolyn Graham
Don Gray
Dorie Hagler [web]
Jamie Hart
John Hershey
Faith-Michele James [web]
Kim Jew Photography [web]
Robert Katz
Sean Kelly Portraits [web]
Angela Krier
Nicole Lewin [web]
Patricia Leigh [web]
Clare Lighton
Kathy Longinaker [web]
Cathy Maier [web]
Heather Marie Photography [web]
R David Marks [web]
Alissa Marquis [web]
Jackie Mathey [web]
Susan Maycock [web]
Nathan McCreery Photography
Julien McRoberts [web]
Kamene Mendoza
Ashley Minton
Alan Mitchell [web]
Moji Studios

Helin Montgomery
David Moore
Alan Myer
Wes Naman
Natasha Nichols [web]
Marti Niman
Amy Parish
Steven Parra
Dan Pearlman
Stephanie Pendergrass
Petal & Vine Photography [web]
Erin Raley
Amy Ritchie
Eric Echevarria Rodriguez
AJ Roe
Cheron Bayna Ryan
Andrea Salazar
Deborah Safaie
Karina Schuh Photography [web]
Rick Scibelli [web]
Michelle Shackelford Photography
David Shaw, Estudio Azul
Laura Shill
Chip Simons [web]
Sara Speert Photography [web]
Jennifer Spelman
Kimberly Stone [web]
Chris T., Vision & Soul Photography [web]
Shane Thomas
Ed Thorne
Toba Tucker
Don Usner [web]
Molly Wagoner
Dana Waldon [web]
Tammy WilkersonHill-Fisher
Baron Wolman [web]
Janet Worne
Anna Yarrow [web]
Daisy Yokley [web]
Stephanie Pendergrass [web]
Koko & Melissa Dean with Natural Light Photography [web]
Yuri Fernández [web]
Prasanna Sampath [web]
Cathy Atkinson (505) 379-7844

Coats Creative Photography [web]
Amy Brimhall, Dramatic Imaging [web]
Kristen Jackson


+ Special thanks to Cheron Bayna Ryan and Genevieve Russell for their touching video on The Heart Gallery of New Mexico.