This is Albert.

He is a 14-year-old boy.

Note: Albert is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings, Mario & Cruz.

Meet Albert! He is the oldest sibling of a group of three boys. Albert attends junior high school where is in regular education and is classified as a 7th grader. Albert enjoys utilizing electronic devices, playing outdoors, interacting with friends and listening to music. Albert is a good student and his favorite subject is science. During Albert’s past time he enjoys drawing and coloring which highlights his artistic skills as well as play video games with friends and family. Albert enjoys eating Chinese food; however has a dislike for seafood.

A two parent adoptive home that demonstrates patience, routine, and structure would be ideal for Albert and his brothers. Albert hopes that his forever family would be active, attend church and allow pets in the home. Albert has two older sisters that he would like to keep in contact with.

Heart Gallery portraits by Donita Privett (top two May 2018, bottom 2017)

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