This is Alexis.

She is a 12-year-old girl.

Meet Alexis, a vibrant young lady who is outgoing, imaginative, fun to be around, and a self-described tomboy. She enjoys going to the movies, listening to pop music and classic rock, dancing, singing, reading fiction and fantasy, attending church, playing with animals, video games, drawing, and sports. 

Although Alexis enjoys reading, she does not necessarily enjoy school at this time and will need support in this area. Alexis does not care for the color pink, does not like clowns, and she does not do well with scary movies. She is not currently enrolled in athletics but she is looking forward to participating in sports once she is adopted. Alexis admits that she is working to improve her skills in cleaning her room, monitoring personal space, and using her inside voice more often.

Alexis is looking forward to a two-parent home with a mom and dad and would love to live out of the city if possible. She would like a dad who enjoys sports but a mom who can help her with girl topics as she grows into a young lady. Alexis would enjoy a family that likes to stay busy by participating in and attending sporting events, riding horses, playing outside together, going camping, and traveling. She will do best in a two-parent home as the only child or the youngest child of a sister(s).

Alexis is described as a strong person who is determined to succeed. Her success will be aided by a family that has a strong, cohesive family structure, as well as being skillful at setting clear rules, consequences, and boundaries. Her forever family will benefit from knowledge/training in attachment and bonding, be able to assist Alexis with learning boundaries as she is extremely outgoing, and have a strong male role model.  

Heart Gallery portraits by Kayla and Josh Blundell (April 2016)

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