This is Alexis.

She is a 13-year-old girl.

Meet Alexis! Alexis is outgoing and has a bright personality. She loves school. Alexis especially loves to read, with Harry Potter books being a few of her favorites. She enjoys art and sports-in particular football.  Alexis aspires to play football in high school.

Alexis is a fan of eating vegetables.  A few of her favorites are artichoke, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and steamed cauliflower.

Alexis is looking forward to a two-parent home.  She would like a family who is flexible and that loves outdoor activities. She will do best as the only child or the youngest child of a sister(s).  Her success will be aided by a family that has a strong, cohesive family structure, as well as being skillful at setting clear rules, consequences, and boundaries. Her forever family will benefit from knowledge/training in attachment and bonding, be able to assist Alexis with learning boundaries as she is extremely outgoing, and have a strong male role model.

Heart Gallery portraits by Emily Coats (March 2018)

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