This is Ashton.

She is a 17-year-old girl.

Meet Ashton with her shy smiles and serious nature! Ashton can be found with her head buried in a book or writing down things that interest her. When she is not in school, Aston can be found either swimming or helping her community through church-sponsored activities. Ashton loves pets, especially dogs and cats. Ashton says that, when she gets older, she would like to be a police officer or possibly a journalist or a teacher, but is not really sure yet.

Ashton is able to get good grades at school but may need some help to keep her focused on the subject. Ashton attends regular education and enjoys going to school. Ashton is shy and takes some time to warm up toward others.

Ashton will flourish in a home that is understanding and supportive of her needs. She will need either a one- or two-parent home that will be structured, consistent, set limits and boundaries but still be encouraging and patient.

Heart Gallery portraits by Emily Mulder (May 2016)
Video (below) produced June 2016

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