This is Charlie.

He is a 16-year-old boy.

Meet Charlie! He is 15 years old and is currently enrolled in a 9th grade special education program due to some behavioral challenges. Charlie is an optimistic and determined young man who has high hopes for his future. He is aware of his challenges and would like a family that is willing to work with him on these challenges. Charlie is outgoing, but has trouble connecting with new people and making friends. He has trouble controlling his anger and frustration at times and would prefer a family that could provide patience and understanding. Charlie is a very active young man and loves playing sports and riding his bike.

He would hope that his forever family would allow him to play sports and would be actively involved with him. He also enjoys reading and drawing. An ideal forever home for Charlie would be a two-parent household with a strong male influence who can still provide compassion and empathy. A preference for no children or only older children is present so that Charlie can receive adequate attention and support. Charlie imagines his forever parents to be very supportive, fun, and good at cooking.

Heart Gallery portraits by Emily Mulder (February 2017)

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