This is Cherish C.

She is a 12-year-old girl.

Cherish is a loving child who enjoys engaging in physical activities with her caretakers. She is intelligent and learns new concepts and activities quickly. This young lady is determined and does not give up easily. Some of her favorite things are music, dance, drawing, coloring and reading books. Favorite snacks include ice cream and popcorn. Cherish prefers a calm, quiet environment and tends to get along better with adults and children older than herself.

Cherish will need a patient family who can be structured and has good boundaries. Experienced, caring parents who understand trauma behaviors and would commit to continue to work with her in therapy would be ideal. Cherish has an older sister that she wants to maintain contact with, so the family for her would need to support this.

Heart Gallery portraits by Kim Jew Photography (February 2016)

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