This is Cody.

He is a 13-year-old boy.

Cody is a handsome young man who is polite and generally well-mannered. He has a big heart and tends to be a caring person. He can be shy when first meeting people but once he feels comfortable, he easily engages with others.

He likes to play football and his favorite professional team is the Denver Broncos. He enjoyed helping his current family in their mechanic shop this summer. He collects toy cars, rocks and sea shells. He enjoys drawing, camping, fishing and other outdoor recreational activities. He likes to play with his Nerf guns and spend time outdoors. His favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti and green enchiladas. Cody likes being around animals and likes to help with them. He thinks he would like to join the military when he grows up.

Cody enjoys school where he has transitioned into regular education. His favorite subject is math because he likes the challenge. He works with an education team that is very supportive of him and has really helped him grow into a good student. Cody will need to continue the support of a school education team as he transitions into a new school setting.

Cody has a twin brother and, although they will not be moving forward together, he wants to maintain contact with him. 

Cody will thrive in a two-parent, mom-and-dad home with children that are younger than him as to avoid power struggles. His family will need to understand that Cody thrives on attention and does well when receiving it. Cody wants a family who enjoys outdoor activities and will actively engage in these activities with him to spend time together and allow Cody to stay active. Cody’s family will need to be open to continued therapeutic services as he progresses through the transition of a new environment and building his new family ties.

Heart Gallery portraits by Amy Jones (August 2016)
Video (below) produced September 2016

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