This is Damien.

He is a 6-year-old boy.

Note: Damien is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings.

Meet Damien!  Damien is the oldest in a sibling group of 3.  Damien is very sociable and kind.  He enjoys playing outdoors riding his tricycle, running, or playing with water.  Damien plays well with his siblings and truly enjoys playing with other children as well.  Damien is great at sharing, whether it be food or toys.  His favorite foods are pizza and burgers.  Damien loves animals.  Damien is currently on an IEP, with his favorite subject being Art.

An ideal adoptive home for Damien would include a traditional, two parent family where the roles of father and mother are clearly defined.  The family must be willing to continue to participate in ongoing educational and therapeutic services to address his needs.

Heart Gallery portraits by Wendi Tarver (June 2017)

ON HOLD: CYFD is not taking inquiries on this child right now. Please continue to check back for status changes.