This is Darion.

She is a 13-year-old girl.

Meet Darion!  Darion is a caring child. She tends to be shy, but warms up quickly. Darion does well with both adults and children. She enjoys crafting, music, and art. Darion likes cheerleading. She sometimes struggles in school, but with support can do well.

Darion will need continued support to assist in processing emotions and using her coping skills. Parents who have experience with children who have emotional and behavioral needs, an ability to set clear boundaries and give specific, direct instructions, and strong parenting skills is ideal. Darion’s new family will need to be flexible to attend counseling and possibly other meetings required to meet Darion’s specific needs. Darion will need a family who is supportive in working her treatment plan and open to maintaining sibling connections.

Heart Gallery portraits by Koko & Melissa Dean with Natural Light photography (May 2018)

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