This is Derek.

He is a 10-year-old boy.

Meet Derek! This young man excels at playing soccer. He is very smart when it comes to school. Derek has a good heart and likes to feel wanted, needed and helpful. He is a lovable young boy who wants a family who will love him forever and be safe with him. He would like to continue to play sports in his adoptive home. He enjoys riding bikes swimming, jumping on the trampoline, playing with others, going places, and would like to live in a city. He enjoys pizza, hamburgers, fries, beans, donuts, and potatoes. He is okay with a family that has pets and likes pitbulls. He isn’t a big fan of church or goats. He enjoys country music, shows/movies that have songs, and he doesn’t like vegetables.

He will need a family who will continue to support him academically and support him through the difficult situations he’s had to experience. He would do best in a two parent home where he can get lots of attention.


Heart Gallery portraits by Emily Mulder photography (July 2017)

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