This is Andrew.

He is a 14-year-old boy.

Meet Andrew! Andrew is a 14-year old with a wealth of knowledge and passion for cars. When Andrew is not talking or reading about cars, he will read about other subjects, play video games or spend some time outside playing sports. Andrew’s favorite sport is football. He also likes to go camping and fishing.  Andrew would do well as an only child or with siblings but if there are siblings, he would prefer to have at least one older sibling. He would like to have a mom and a dad or a single parent.

Andrew will need continued support and encouragement when he is communicating his wants and needs. His parents will need to have experience with children who have emotional and behavioral needs, an ability to set clear boundaries and give specific instructions, and strong parenting skills. Andrew has expressed a desire to have a forever family who will love him.

Heart Gallery portraits by Carrie de Pérez (May 2019)

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