This is Gabriel.

He is a 10-year-old boy.

Note: Gabriel is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings, Arianna T & Dominic.

Meet Gabriel! Gabriel is very athletic and enjoys playing football and basketball. His favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. Gabriel hopes to play professional football one day.  He currently plays on a local YAFL team. Gabriel uses sports as a way to calm himself, including doing pushups as a coping mechanism. He is a people pleaser and he loves to help others. He is able to complete various chores around the house such as vacuuming the house and sweeping the patio.  Gabriel thrives with structure and routine and tends to become anxious when there is a change in the plan. Gabriel needs a lot of reassurance from his caregivers as well as reminders to use his coping skills when he is beginning to feel dysregulated. Gabriel craves one on one attention on a daily basis from his caregivers.

Gabriel would benefit from a two parent family who can provide him and his siblings with structure and clear boundaries. The family needs to have a lot of patience in order to teach the sibling group how to maintain healthy sibling boundaries with each other. Gabriel and his siblings would benefit from being the youngest/only children in the home as they need support and guidance so the children can continue working in therapy in regard to their trauma behaviors.

Heart Gallery portraits by Heather Marie Photography (September 2019)

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