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This is James L.

He is a 10-year-old boy.

Meet James! James is an independent soul that has a quick wit and an amazing sense of humor that can capture the room. He can be on the shy side at first, but once he finds his comfort level with you, he becomes outgoing and affectionate. He relates well with children in his age group.

With a talent for building and taking things apart, we think James might have a career in engineering written in his future! Like most boys his age, he loves to play with his Lego set and Matchbox Cars in the mud. James is always up to watch a funny video or movie while he enjoys a good PBJ sandwich or burrito.

James would thrive with a two-parent forever family that ideally has no other children or pets so that James will have plenty of attention and one-on-one time. He requires a good structured schedule and dedicated time for school work with parents who will help to foster his special learning needs. He does quite well and can be very determined when he puts his nose to the grindstone, however he will need guidance and encouragement along with a nurturing household environment.

Heart Gallery photo (May 2020)

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Note: Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) has ceased offering the non-relative Adoption Only program. CYFD does continue to offer the Foster Care program. The Foster Care Program differs in that that the goal of the program is to ultimately reunite the child with their biological parent while the child is in your care for approximately a year. Should you become a Foster Parent it is also a possibility that the children that you foster may become available for adoption.