This is Jolene.

She is a 17-year-old girl.

Meet Jolene! Jolene is a young lady who has a vision for her future and would like to further her education through university learning with a goal of caring for young children. Jolene is looking forward to living in a friendly home with nice people, with whom she can go camping, swimming and do other fun stuff with. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. She has placed considerable emphasis on respect, especially towards her personal boundaries and asks that she not be asked about her past as she is moving forward.  Jolene has made good friends and has relatives she wants to stay in contact with. Jolene is hoping to live in a nice home where she has her own room and space where she can expand with appropriate support. Jolene wants to learn to cook as she has a taste for good food and she has an interest in learning how to repair and maintain automobiles.

Heart Gallery portraits by Colleen Baz (September 2018)

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