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This is Ricky.

He is a 13-year-old boy.

Meet Ricky!  He is an intelligent young man who enjoys arts and crafts and recently built his own wooden race car.  Ricky also enjoys learning about wildlife and participates in Trail Life USA (a group similar to Cub Scouts). Ricky is outgoing and he will engage in conversations about his various activities or books he is reading.  He can often be seen with a book in his hand, with Diary of a Wimpy Kid being his favorite.  He readily engages in helping around the house and completes various chores assigned to him.

Ricky has expressed he would enjoy having a father in his life and he would benefit from a family who has a strong male figure.  He would also benefit with a family who will show him a lot of individual attention, affection, patience, and who will interact with him in his multiple interests.  Most importantly, he needs a family who will support and encourage him to continue his healing therapy.

Heart Gallery portraits by Nicole Bradshaw (September 2019)

ON HOLD: CYFD is not taking inquiries on this child right now. Please continue to check back for status changes.

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