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This is Samya.

She is a 12-year-old girl.

Samya is an imaginative young lady who is also engaging and clever. She is often seen with a book in her hand as reading is a favorite past time of hers. Samya also enjoys playing basketball, swimming and doing arts and crafts. She has a vision statement for her future which is, “I will show the world my creativity and I will be in a happy family.”

Samya will benefit from a family who provides a lot of structure and clear boundaries. She is still learning to accept guidance and directions from her caregivers, so she will need a family who can be patient with her and help her utilize her coping skills to be able to regulate her emotions when she is upset. Samya has a sibling she wishes to maintain contact with.

(Photos provided by CYFD Staff, August 2020)

ON HOLD: CYFD is not taking inquiries on this child right now. Please continue to check back for status changes.