This is Savannah.

She is a 7-year-old girl.

Note: Savannah is part of a sibling group and must remain with her sibling, Isasis.

Meet Savannah!

Outgoing and affectionate, Savannah likes to be active, play with her toys and participates in sports. Savannah has a knack for “trying things once,” attributing to her outgoing personality and her enjoyment in looking for a challenge. Savannah has a genuine heart and looks out for her brother. Her favorite subjects are recess and art. She also enjoys playing outside with her friends and her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. Savannah delights in telling stories and many times, her imagination believes these to be true. Savannah would like a family where she can play with animals, be with her brother, be encouraged to express her imagination and remain active.

Imagine if this delightful young lady were a part of your family!

Heart Gallery portraits by Chris Roybal (May 2019)

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