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This is Sonny.

He is a 17-year-old boy.

Sonny is a playful young man. Although Sonny is not much into crafting and coloring, he certainly enjoys playing outdoors, playing with toy cars, and swimming. He has a great sense of humor and likes to tell jokes to make others laugh. He enjoys playing different types of games, too. Sonny has shown he has some athletic ability but has not had an opportunity to nurture his talents. This would be a wonderful way to develop his self-esteem and cultivate his teamwork skills. Sonny likes to learn new things and delights in playing with his peers. As with most children, Sonny’s favorite food is pizza but he is not a picky eater and will try most foods. His favorite color is red.

Sonny has very serious side to him, too. Sonny is apt to act older than he is and talks like an adult to others. He thinks rather concretely and can become obsessed with topics and items. Sonny enjoys new experiences and learning new things.

He responds well to redirection and prompting. His daily living skills are on target and he likes to be clean and well-groomed. Sonny has developed appropriate coping skills, such as deep breathing, when he needs to. He thrives on validation, encouragement, and praise. He has learned that it is okay to be angry and how to calm himself down.

Sonny wants to be adopted. He gets excited about the notion of having a family with siblings. Sonny would flourish in a home with two parents and older children that will be patient and help mentor him. Sonny should not be placed in a home with younger or vulnerable siblings.

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Note: Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) has ceased offering the non-relative Adoption Only program. CYFD does continue to offer the Foster Care program. The Foster Care Program differs in that that the goal of the program is to ultimately reunite the child with their biological parent while the child is in your care for approximately a year. Should you become a Foster Parent it is also a possibility that the children that you foster may become available for adoption.

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