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Tips for Strengthening Adoptive Families

The Family Attachment and Counseling Center of Minnesota is excited to announce the release of our new DVD: "First Steps for Strengthening Adoptive Families: Tools and Techniques for Meeting the Needs of Your Adopted Child." Approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes long, the DVD is designed to help parents strengthen their adoptive families, and to help the professionals that work with adopted children and their families.

The DVD can be viewed by parents, or as part of a preadoptive or postadoptive curriculum to educate parents. First Steps can also be used to educate professional staff about the important role of attachment, attunement and regulation in strengthening adoptive families.

Contents of 2 Disc Set

  • Understanding Attachment and Your Child's Perspective
  • How to Attune to Your Child
  • Helping Your Child Regulate
  • Tools and Techniques : Play
  • Tools and Techniques: Stories
  • How Narratives Work
  • Creating a Story
  • Claiming Narratives
  • Developmental Narratives
  • Successful Child Narratives
  • Trauma Narratives

Set Features

  • Parents sharing their experiences with their adopted children.
  • More than two hours of video clips from actual therapy sessions.
  • Instruction by Joanne May, Melissa Nichols and Denise Lacher.
  • Over five hours of material!

Whether a child was adopted abroad or domestically, early in life or as an older child, recently or several years ago, the material on this DVD can help parents strengthen connections with their adopted child.

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