This is Isaac L.

He is a 14-year-old boy.

Meet Isaac! Isaac has a love for Native American activities and arts and crafts. Isaac is respectful, sweet and creative. His interests at the moment is learning about the Native American culture. He enjoys learning about the Native American history and enjoys participating in traditional Native American activities. Isaac also enjoys collecting feathers.

Isaac does well academically and is a good student. His favorite subject is reading and history.

Isaac can be shy at first, but can be outgoing. He has a few friends, as he has a difficult time getting along with peers his age. Isaac can relate better with grownups.

A strength for Isaac is he knows how to advocate for himself and expresses his wants and needs. Isaac tends to regress when he is not able to self-motivate and will require a mentor to motivate him. He falls into peer pressure and can be easily influenced.

Isaac enjoys participating in Native American activities and learning about their culture. Isaac enjoys animals and has shown an interest in horses. Isaac enjoys being healthy and eats healthy foods.

An ideal adoptive family for Isaac would include a strong, two-parent family, which can provide structure and supervision. The family must be able to closely supervise his interactions with other children and be willing to participate in ongoing services such as individual therapy and medication management.

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