This is Isaiah.

He is a 15-year-old boy.

Meet Isaiah! Isaiah is a 15-year-old male, who has a love for reptiles and insects. Isaiah loves nature and has an interest in magic tricks. He is active and shows interests in animals. Isaiah enjoys hunting for insects and collecting.

Isaiah is in the 9th grade and struggles socially and academically. He requires a high level of support in school, where he enjoys history and biology.

Isaiah is shy and struggles making friends. Isaiah may be able to socialize around teenagers, but struggles with boundaries. He is honest, caring and loves animals. Isaiah really enjoys dogs and is caring towards them. Isaiah struggles with controlling his emotions and building attachment. Isaiah’s favorite food is pizza, preferably Little Caesars. He enjoys the outdoors and learning about insects.

Isaiah will benefit from a two parent home with or without teenage children. His family will need to ensure Isaiah participates in individual therapy and medication management. Isaiah will thrive in a home that can offer him structure, patience, activities and be supportive to him in reaching educational goals. Isaiah has a younger sibling who maintains contact with him.

Heart Gallery portraits by Linda Montoya (September 2017)

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