This is Izzy.

She is a 14-year-old girl.

Isabelle, who prefers to be called "Izzy," is a sweet young lady with a big heart and a sweet spirit who always puts others before herself. She is shy until she gets to know you but, once she opens up, will keep you busy answering questions and playing puzzle games. She likes to sing and states that she would like to join an a cappella group, play golf and maybe one day be a detective. She loves to play tic-tac-toe, color, and organize her room which she keeps very clean.

Izzy is a quiet and mild-mannered girl who gets along well with both peers and adults. However, she tends to enjoy play time more with younger kids and looks up to older children. Her family will need to monitor Izzy since she can be a bit of a "follower" and can be easily influenced by others. Izzy does not generally care to spend her time reading but she enjoys playing with Barbies, Nintendo, and watching movies such as Paw Patrol, Home, Blaze and the Monster Machine. Her favorite foods are pizza, bean burritos, tacos, and carrots with rice and peas. Izzy likes all kinds of animals but she can be too friendly with unfamiliar animals and will need her parent’s assistance to monitor that she is being careful when meeting a new pet or animal.

Izzy likes school and enjoys the structure of the classroom where she is learning cooking and life skills. She requires a higher level of support in school where she enjoys math, coloring, and drawing.

Izzy will thrive in a home that can offer her calmness, a slower pace, structure and organization which needs to be a part of her daily routine and can be calming for her. A family that likes to go for walks while she can ride her bike or spend casual outside time would be best for her so that she participates in some kind of activity. She likes to know the plan for the day and what the family is doing as this also seems to have a calming affect for Izzy. She will do well in a single-mother home, a two-mother home, or a two-parent mom/dad home where she is the only child or with younger children who can share their parent’s attention. Izzy tends to be more comfortable around females and shy or timid around men. Her future family will need to have a flexible schedule, time to spend with her and be patient with her as she works through daily routines and life skills. Her family will need to provide Izzy with a long-term commitment to be engaged in her life as she transitions into adulthood. Izzy has siblings that she maintains contact with and she will want this contact to continue into the future.  

Heart Gallery portrait by AJ Roe (October 2016)
Video (below) produced September 2016

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