This is Juliana.

She is a 15-year-old girl.

Hello, my name is Juliana (you can call me Juls). I like to color. My favorite thing to do is read and I LOVE reading Lorien Legacies. I love any type of animal, it doesn't matter what type. Sometimes I like to sing. When I'm bored I like to play outside and create something. I like to design things from fashion accessories to clothes to new shoes with collaboration of mixed shoe wear. Mostly, I'm really chill. I really want to save the world by doing many things-I've always wanted to be superhero. I've never really had a mom or a dad because of family issues. There are five things that you need to know about the kind of family is worthy for me:

  • I do extraordinarily well with children "They're adorable!" I used to look out for my little cousins.
  • Any mom or dad would be fine. I really like any kind of mom or dad, it doesn't matter.
  • I like animals. It's okay if you do or don't have any animals.
  • I also would like to tell you that whatever kind of family setting you have does not matter to me, it's about this big huge opportunity that every family bonds with. It doesn't matter if you're single or not because any family is the most important thing.
  • I hope that you choose me! May your guidance lead you to certainty.

I hope that you have a heart for me because I'm really excited about this new world.

Heart Gallery portraits (September 2017) 

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