This is Shiloh.

He is a 12-year-old boy.

Meet Shiloh! Shiloh is a smart, outgoing, and humorous young man. He is very creative, caring, and honest. He is very sarcastic so he will need a family with a good sense of humor. He is also working on being more respectful in the classroom. His favorite foods are lasagna and pizza. He is currently participating in hip-hop dance classes and likes playing sports and video games.

A family in the Albuquerque area is preferred so that Shiloh can stay in contact with bio-family members. He is used to being the only child so, if your family has a child younger than him, it may take him some time to adjust.

Heart Gallery portraits by Emily Mulder (March 2018)
Heart Gallery video by Christopher Michael Roybal, The Incredible Films (August 2018)

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