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Say hi to Malachi! He is a very caring and compassionate child. He is outgoing and talkative and loves to talk about his day. He is able to make friends and enjoys peer interactions, although he does take some coaxing to share his toys! He enjoys all foods and does well with pets.

Malachi is in special education and has an IEP in place. He does best in a small class with individual attention. An adoptive parent for Malachi would need to be committed to helping him educationally. Malachi really enjoys math and art!

Malachi does struggle expressing his emotions sometimes; therefore, he would need a family willing to participate in family therapy with him to help him process emotions and learn his processing. Malachi would do best in a two-parent household with parents who understand the effects of trauma on young children. The parents would also need to understand attachments and who can provide consistency for Malachi.

Heart Gallery portraits by Kayla Blundell (August 2017)

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