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This is SamuelPlacidoAlex P,  and Zaylynn

{listing_title} Samuel


Note: Samuel is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings, Zaylynn, Alex P & Placido.

Meet Samuel! Samuel is a young man who has a very engaging personality, making friends easily and communicates well; he thrives in a group/team environment and was actually named MVP of his soccer team!  Samuel really enjoys his outdoor activities, like fishing and a good camping trip. He is an excellent student, thrives in an educational setting and would continue on this excellent path with a family that encourages him. Samuel is part of a sibling group and it is imperative that he is placed in a home with his brothers and sister, with whom he has a strong connection.

Heart Gallery portraits (February 2020)

{listing_title} Placido


Note: Placido is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings, Samuel, Zaylynn & Alex P.

Meet Placido!  Placido is a young outdoorsman. Nobody enjoys a camping and fishing excursion like Placido! His goal is to play on a football team, just like his brother whom he looks up to. Being very energetic, he is a very good wrestler and has used this as a positive physical outlet. He is also open to other sports activities and would likely excel at anything he puts his mind to. Placido very much needs a family that is willing to provide a nurturing environment for him and his siblings, to keep them together.

Heart Gallery portraits (February 2020)

{listing_title} Alex P

Alex P

Note: Alex P is part of a sibling group and must remain with his siblings, Samuel, Zaylynn & Placido.

Meet Alex! Alex is overjoyed when he can participate in any type of physical activity – especially jumping on the trampoline, playing outdoors, and riding his bike. Alex has an excellent imagination and aspires to be “Batman.” He is the first one to want to play a game or group activity and would also really connect with a family who would dedicate some individual one-on-one time. He has a strong connection with his brothers and sister and is looking forward to a nurturing forever home where he will be with his siblings

Heart Gallery portraits (February 2020)

{listing_title} Zaylynn


Note: Zaylynn is part of a sibling group and must remain with her siblings, Samuel, Placido & Alex P.

Meet Zaylynn! Zaylynn is spunky, with an outgoing personality and tends to be the “matriarch” of her sibling group, despite being younger.  Having a fabulous imagination, Zaylynn spends a lot of her time playing dress up and doing hair and nails – who knows, she might become a costume designer for the movie industry or the opera!  She dreams of a family who would spend dedicated quality time playing with her and taking her places, she’s a natural travel blogger.  Zaylynn looks forward to a loving home where she will be able to grow up with her siblings, whom she adores.

Heart Gallery portraits (February 2020)

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