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This is Amy  and Kaitlyn

{listing_title} Amy


Note: Amy is part of a sibling group and must remain with her sibling, Kaitlyn.

Meet Amy! Amy is a very creative and compassionate young lady, who has great artistic ability that should be nurtured and developed. Amy is an independent soul and attracts friends with ease with her charming demeanor. As with most young ladies her age, Amy adores Disney movies and outside activities with her friends, but she will also jump right in as a good helper and organizer of household tasks.

Amy shows a lot of initiative with her classes as she very much enjoys school and social opportunities. With proper guidance, Amy will achieve her academic goals.

Amy, along with her younger sister Kaitlyn, will flourish in a two-parent family where they will demonstrate positive behaviors, compassionate encouragement along with a solid routine and structure.  Both girls have made significant progress in their young journeys, however they will need a family that can keep them connected with their regular therapy sessions that helps them to address their trauma in a constructive way.  A family that has pets will be advantageous for both young ladies.

Heart Gallery photo (May 2020)

{listing_title} Kaitlyn


Note: Kaitlyn is part of a sibling group and must remain with her sibling, Amy.

Meet Kaityln! Kaitlyn is a young lady with an enduring smile who, like other girls her age, loves a good Disney movie, exploring on her tablet, and expressing her creativity with coloring books.  

Kaitlyn will require a forever family that spend quality time with her to build trust and exhibit patience and positive behaviors. As a special needs child that has experienced trauma, Kaitlyn will need guidance and reminders with daily basic needs, such as dressing and hygiene. While she loves to spend time playing outside, she must do so with proper oversight and supervision, along with continued reinforcement of safety rules.

Kaitlyn will thrive with parents that can provide daily support and encouragement for her intellectual and skills development.

Heart Gallery photo (May 2020)

ON HOLD: CYFD is not taking inquiries on these children right now. Please continue to check back for status changes.