This is Twilight.

She is a 15-year-old girl.

Twilight is a beautiful young lady who is quiet, polite, and has a very likable personality. She can be very shy at first, but after warming up, she easily engages with others.

Twilight loves art. She is very artistic and loves to draw anime. She enjoys spending her spare time making arts and crafts. Twilight is a music lover.  Her favorite music genres are hip-hop and R&B. She enjoys being active, specifically playing basketball and running track. She hopes to continue playing in sports in the future. Twilight enjoys being active and out of the house, particularly shopping. Twilight is an avid makeup lover and loves to collect different colors of lip gloss.

Twilight is currently in regular education and enjoys school. Her favorite subject is art. Twilight will need to continue the support of a school education team as she transitions into a new school setting.  

Twilight will thrive in a supportive home. She will need either a one- or two-parent home that is structured and sets limits and boundaries while continuously being encouraging and patient. Her family needs to understand that Twilight thrives on attention and does well when receiving it. Twilight enjoys a family who likes being active out of the home, spending time as a family. Twilight’s family will need to be open to continued therapeutic services as she progresses through the transition of a new environment and building new family times. Twilight will flourish in a home that is understanding and supportive of her needs. 

Heart Gallery portraits by Kayla Blundell Photograph (December 2016)
Video (below) produced September 2016

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